8 Ways To Pair Fonts For Better Designs [Infographic]

Choosing the best typeface for your design is a critical choice. Sometimes you may even need multiple fonts for different elements in a design. This graphic shows how you can pair them well.

Using the same font for every piece of text in a design can get boring after a while. If you have one font for a headline or title, then a different font for a subtitle or smaller header, you can direct attention to other elements in such a way that each piece complements the other. You can take a look at the full graphic below to get ideas on how your designs with multiple fonts can work:

This Graphic Shows How to Pair Multiple Fonts Together For Better Designs

8 Tips to Create Outstanding Font Pairs [DesignMantic]


    This is one of the ugliest infographics I have ever seen.

    Even if the advice is sound (which some of it is), the design overall is noisy, messy, and likely to be skimmed by its audience, which is fairly damning for a piece of work offering design advice.

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