This Device Will Let You 3D Print With Your Mobile Phone

This Device Will Let You 3D Print With Your Mobile Phone

3D printing is alive and well, even if we’re not all manufacturing our own Warhammer figurines just yet. For example, portability is still an issue, though for the smartphone-wielding and less-serious 3D printing enthusiast, the OLO 3D presents itself as an interesting options.

Currently smashing its Kickstarter goal of $US80,000 by US$1,675,989 (otherwise known as “a lot”), the OLO 3D sells itself as the 3D printer anyone can use, as long as you have a smartphone. Oh and resin and the OLO gadget itself, obviously.

For the nice round sum of $US100, you can pre-order one yourself. How does it work? I’ll let this instructional video do the explaining:

Basically, it uses the light from your phone’s screen to print the objects. The process isn’t particularly speedy, with 1cm of manufacturing taking about 46 minutes on an iPhone 6.

The creators aren’t trying to sell it as a super-professional device, offering the ability to send “3D messages” to friends who hang out near power outlets with a backpack full of resin.

Still, it’s a funky looking gizmo that I’m sure will do its part in advancing the cause for affordable 3D printing.

OLO – The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer [Kickstarter, via Uncrate]

Originally published on Gizmodo Australia.


  • The objects in their video look laser-cut. Read the comments about it on Hackaday. Don’t wanna be a hater… But I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • So I have to put my phone on airplane mode, chuck it in this, and leave it there for a few hours with the screen brightness turned up? I’d rather buy the exact same thing with a screen for $100-$200 more.

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