Survey Finds Australian Drivers Basically Hate Every Other Driver On The Road

Survey Finds Australian Drivers Basically Hate Every Other Driver On The Road

A survey, run by GPS and dashcam maker Navman on 15,561 of its Australian customers, is pretty bleak if you’re a regular user of Australian roads. Almost every single respondent was annoyed by other drivers not indicating, driving too slowly or being lost. And statistics say that you’re probably not a perfect driver, either. Maybe we should all just take a moment to relax, or maybe we should stay off the roads completely.

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Let’s be honest, though: the Navman survey confirms everything we already knew — every driver on the road (that isn’t you) is doing something wrong.

We all know this — if they’re not speeding, they’re driving too slowly. If it’s not that, they’re not indicating, or they don’t know where they’re going. The fact that other drivers are there at all pisses people off.

Here’s the completely unsurprising results of Navman’s survey:

  • 98 per cent of drivers agreed they found drivers not indicating at all or indicating too late frustrating
  • 96 per cent of drivers agreed they found drivers going too slow in the fast lane frustrating
  • 93 per cent of drivers agreed they found not knowing the directions of where they are going frustrating
  • 88 per cent of drivers agreed they found traffic frustrating
  • 84 per cent of driver agreed they found the speeding of other drivers frustrating
  • 76 per cent of drivers agreed they found disruptive passengers (i.e. kids being noisy etc) frustrating
  • 64 per cent of drivers agreed they found cyclists frustrating

Actually, that last one is a surprise. Only two thirds of drivers find cyclists frustrating? As a sometimes cyclist I’m pretty sure that figure should be above 100 per cent, if that were even possible.


  • ■ ]76 per cent of …

    A high % of “Lifehacker” readers find typos frustrating, but we don’t hate you! 🙂

  • 100% of drivers just hate driving then? Just stop and take a second think how lucky you are to actually be able to drive and get around you grumpy bastards

  • I basically assume when driving that everyone is a lunatic that is capable and completely willing to do the stupidest things imaginable on the road without a moment’s hesitation.

    • I adopted the same strategy and have since come to have such intense anxiety every time I’m behind the wheel that I can’t stand to drive at all.

  • Amusing survey!
    I also hate it when I get tailgated, even though I’m doing the speed limit. Some people are just impatient!

    • This, and people who honk at you violently from behind when the traffic
      light 0.01 second ago turned from red to green.

  • yep.
    The other night we were driving in a 60 zone with a 8 month old in the back. We were tail gated by this bro looking man in his doof doof machine who then put on his high-beams thus my wife can move over and let him speed off in a 60 zone. Basically being a road bully.
    Anyway as we turned i gave a WTF sign (i was sitting in the back seat next to my daughter my wife was driving) and the guy got so angry that he slammed the breaks put it in reverse and speed up to follow us so he can get out and punch on.
    Lucky i had my phone which i then pointed at him from the back seat to indicate i was recording him and he quickly backed off and speed away into the next street.
    It shocked me and my wife as we were not in the wrong, was aggressively tailgated and then when i made a simple gesture was chased for the sole purpose of punching on.
    I just get the feeling a lot of people actually do think they are the sole custodians of the road and we are all just peasants who should not get in their way.

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