Prime Minister Unveils $230M Cyber Security Plan For Australia

Prime Minister Unveils $230M Cyber Security Plan For Australia

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to launch its $230 million Cyber Security Defence Strategy which include investments to bump up Australia’s defence against cyberattacks, hiring 100 IT security professionals and addressing the country’s skill shortage in this space. It also aims to promote collaboration between the public and private sector to fend off cyber threats to Australia and more. Read on for the details.

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It’s been 18 months in the making but the Prime Minister is finally unveiling its new and improved Cyber Security Defence Strategy today. The strategy hadn’t been updated since 2009 but it now includes some much needed commitment to bolstering our online security defences.

Cybercrime cost Australians roughly $1.2 billion last year and that number is only going to go up. There is also growing concerns around cyberattacks launched by nation states.

The message the Turnbull Government wants to send is that it’s taking cyber security seriously. The investment is encouraging but is $230 million really enough to defend Australia against attacks from nation states and cyber criminals?

According to the ABC, the investment will into five areas:

  • Establishing a national cyber security partnership
  • Creating strong cyber defences to detect, deter and respond to threats
  • Taking a global leadership role to champion a free internet and shut safe havens
  • Focusing on growth and innovation
  • Building a cyber-smart nation by building skills and awareness

Around $39 million has already been committed to a new Australian Cyber Security Centre, $47 million is assigned to threat-sharing centres and $36 million will be spent on boosting intelligence and investigation capabilities. When you think about all the things the Government wants to do, as stated in this Defence Strategy, $230 million is not a lot to go around.

Nonetheless, the Prime Minister is optimistic that this strategy will make Australia one of the leading countries in cyber security which will contribute to the local economy, fuel innovation and make the country more attractive for foreign investment. The plan also reaffirms the strong demand for IT security professionals.

[Via ABC/Innovation Aus]


  • And I thought that the NBN was the governments cyber security plan, make the internet that much slower than the rest of the world, that international hackers and scammers won’t bother to target Australia.

  • Why do I think it should read…

    – Partner up and sell/feed information to NSA.
    – Create strong cyber defences against any information that doesn’t suit the narrative.
    – Lead the war against the free internet while championing the free internet.
    – Squeeze the last few drops of cash from the great unwashed.
    – Get the people afraid of ghosts and phantoms, a new age of online terrorists who threaten them at every turn and make them dumb enough to give privacy, like encryption, away.

  • The largest cyber security companies, NASA, CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6 are unable to stop cyber criminals. What makes Turntwit think he can hire 100 so called experts to do the job. Anyone worth their salt are already taken up by other organizations that will pay far better than Australia can so we end up with what, 3rd rate bullshit. Then The Turnbull Government is all bullshit.
    Another waste of money.

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