Keep Your Home Tidy With The ABC Rule

Keep Your Home Tidy With The ABC Rule

If your household is anything like mine, objects have a mysterious way of moving into the wrong rooms. Fix that constant problem by remembering ABC: Always be carrying.

Photo remixed from an original by DianneB Photography.

Before you leave a room, check if there’s something that belongs somewhere else so you can grab it and move it.

I’m not sure where I heard this advice, but since learning it, I’ve always got something in my hands, tidying as I go. (And, yes, I know “carrying” has a different meaning when it comes to guns, but that’s not what we mean here.)


  • If I did this I’d just end up having to move random objects through my house all day.

    • Yes, but at the end of the day your random objects may have a less random distribution? And then by the end of the week your house would be tidy, or at least tidier.

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