It's Now Easier To Use HTTPS On Your Wordpress Blog

Wordpress just announced it has activated HTTPS on all of its custom domains, effective immediately.

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Previously, HTTPS was only active if you had a subdomain on Wordpress, e.g. "". Now, it'll also apply to those custom domains you bought from GoDaddy or wherever else, which is good news.

This brings it more in line with modern standards of the web, and with the EFF's recommendations for web users. Unencrypted web use is more vulnerable to a variety of attacks.

As Wordpress points out, performance enhancements have made encrypted web traffic much quicker, and Google now prefers sites with HTTPS when ranking pages. Both good reasons to use encryption, but for Wordpress users, you won't have to do anything to enable it. All requests for HTTP content from users will automatically redirect to the HTTPS version of your site.

According to Wordpress, "We are closing the door to un-encrypted web traffic (HTTP) at every opportunity."

HTTPS Everywhere: Encryption for All Sites [Wordpress]


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