How To Alleviate Eye Strain Caused By Computer Screens [Infographic]

Most of us spend a hell of a lot of time staring at monitors. Be it checking your emails to Netflix binges, all this time spent in front of computer screens is damaging to the eyes. This infographic has some tips on how to relieve your eyes after a long session with your computer monitor.

Man with tired eyes image from Shutterstock

The infographic below by shows you the dangers of spending too much time glued to computer screens and provides some handy advice on what to do if you are experiencing digital vision fatigue. By changing a few daily habits, you can give your eyes a bit of a break and improve your overall health.



    Couple of things I use:
    EyeLeo, reminds you to give your eyes regular breaks. Uses negligible resources.
    f.lux, adjusts the screen colour by time of day. Uses minimal resources.
    MouseZoom, Zoom the Firefox page via RightClick-mouse wheel.
    ("zoomWheel" is a similar extension for Chrome, but not as smooth.)

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