Hackers For Hire: How Much Do ‘Professional’ Hacking Services Cost?

Do you have a competitor to your business that you want to bring down? Why not launch a distributed denial of service (DDos) attack on them to cripple their website? You may not have the technical skills to do this yourself but there are plenty of hackers out there who are offering up their unique and highly illegal skillsets to do it for you; and they provide great customer service to boot. Want to find out more? Read on.

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We all know that cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in recent times but many of you may not expect them to operate as though they’re legitimate organisations. The big guns in this space offer up a menu of illegal digital services from hacking into emails and websites to launching DDoS attacks. They are focused on providing excellent customer service as well.

Excellent customer service. Gosh, they really know how to draw in the customers, don’t they? The Dell SecureWall Underground Hacker Markets Report revealed just how dedicated hackers are to their professions and their customers with some of them guaranteeing they’re available around the clock to do your dirty work. They even offer to work through guarantors to ensure customers are comfortable with purchasing their services.

They sure are eager to please. That’s better customer service than I’ve received from major technology vendors.

DDoS is one popular service offered by hackers on underground marketplaces, selling it as a “quick solution to your problems with competitors and enemies” and even offer discounts for regular customers.

Here’s a pricing breakdown of some of the services offered by cybercriminals according to the Dell SecureWall report:

They’ll accept WebMoney, Yandex.Money and sometimes BitCoin.

Of course, providing hacking services is just one part of the cybercrime business. Selling credit card and bank details is still a popular revenue stream for hackers. Australian credit cards details have increased in value by US$5 to US$25. Premium cards details can cost around $35 each. Stolen Australian bank account credentials can now cost up to US$4730 for an account with a balance of US$62,567.

It’s interesting to see just how professional cybercriminals have become and businesses should be aware that their competitors could potentially use the services of these hackers to launch cyberattacks on them. Hopefully this information will motivate companies to beef up their IT security.

You can read more about how much hackers are charging for different services on the Dell SecureWall Underground Hacker Markets Report.

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