Gumtree Confirms Its Website Was Hacked, Customer Accounts Compromised

Gumtree Confirms Its Website Was Hacked, Customer Accounts Compromised

Online classifieds website Gumtree has been hacked. The incident occurred over the long weekend and attackers were able to access some user information. Here’s what we know so far.

Gumtree is a popular site for people to buy and sell goods online. This morning, Gumtree sent out an email to customers advising them of the security breach. According to the company, attackers accessed some customers’ email addresses and contact details but those are already publicly available when somebody posts an advertisement on Gumtree.

No account passwords or payment details were compromised and after the incident was discovered it was resolved in a matter of minutes, Gumtree highlighted in a statement.

The company also added:

“We’ve since taken extra steps to protect user information. The affected users, privacy regulators and the Australian Federal Police have been notified. Safety and security of our community remains our number one priority and we continue to educate our users about staying safe online and identifying potential scams or phishing attempts from fraudulent parties.”

There is no word on the exact number of accounts that have been breached.


  • Wow, more and more customers information is being stolen each day from websites. Business owners need to know the importance of having security measures in place to protect their customers and them selves from breaches occuring on their site. PCI Scanning is just one thing that can help do that.

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