Grab A Free Licence For CloudBerry Backup Pro For Mac Or Linux, Normally $39

Grab a Free Licence for CloudBerry Backup Pro for Mac or Linux, Normally $US30 ($39)

Mac/Linux: CloudBerry Lab is giving away free licenses to its premium backup client, which normally costs $US29.99 ($39). It offers encryption, compression and unlimited backups to cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Google Nearline, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace. You'll need to pay the data storage and retrieval fees for those cloud storage providers, of course, but CloudBerry Backup makes it easy to access your data and automate your backups. You can also use it for local backups, and the software includes all the features you'd expect from a backup program, including scheduling and incremental backups.

Most people will probably want to use an online backup service such as CrashPlan or Backblaze for their everyday backups because the pricing is more straightforward. However, if you use one of these major cloud storage providers — and they can be a dirt-cheap off-site backup solution — here's a free client for you.

The offer is in honour of World Backup Day, which was March 31, but you can get your free licence code until April 7.

Celebrate World Backup Day with Us [CloudBerry Lab via David Galloway]


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