Google Cloud Platform Now Offers Autodesk-Powered 3D Rendering

Google Cloud Platform Now Offers Autodesk-Powered 3D Rendering

Google has partnered with 3D design and visual effects software vendor Autodesk to provide efficient 3D image rendering services for artists and developers through its Google Cloud Platform. Here are the details.

The service is called Autodesk Maya for Cloud Platform ZYNC Render and it’s aimed at the media and entertainment industry, allowing artists and developers in that space to “focus on content, abstracting away the nuances of managing infrastructure”. Autodesk Maya is widely used for animation, modelling and rendering.

Autodesk Maya for ZYNC Render is cloud-optimised and it allows small teams and studios to make use of IT infrastructure that used to be reserved for much larger studios. Here’s how it works, according to Google:

“Via a Maya plugin, 3D scenes are transferred to Google Compute Engine in the background, while the artist is working. Because Maya is capable of running on the artist’s workstation and also in the cloud on GCP [Google Cloud Platform], this allows artists to run massively parallel rendering far more efficiently than before.”

Google said the cloud optimised Autodesk Maya on ZYNC Render features a vast improvement in file upload efficiency so artists and developers can start multiple rendering jobs instantaneously which will cut down waiting time and speed up their workflow.

You can find out more about Autodesk Maya for ZYNC Render over at the official website.


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