Find The Right Glue For Any DIY Project With This Chart

Find the Right Glue for Any DIY Project with This Chart

Which glue should you use? Well, that depends on the type of materials you're trying to stick together. Make's comprehensive adhesives chart recommends the best glue for your project. You'll find at a glance which adhesives work best for a variety of materials. While super glue shows up for many of them, in other cases you'll best reach for a different kind of adhesive.

The chart is similar to one we've featured before, but includes more materials.

Don't Glue Anything Without This Handy Reference Chart [Make]

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    Includes "plastic" but probably not the hard to glue and very common plastics PP and PE.

    Always superglue. Great for small lacerations as well

    If a metal screw is coming loose in a [plastic] threaded box, I'd generally just add a bit of Loctite.
    Nail varnish [clear] will also do the job.

    By the table, these must be considered "contact adhesives"

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