Easy Stretches Almost Everyone Can Do To Stay Flexible

Easy Stretches Almost Everyone Can Do To Stay Flexible

Flexibility is very important, especially as we get older. Here are some basic, everyday stretches to improve and maintain your flexibility. Business Insider has illustrated and animated the stretches, suggested by New York University professor of physical therapy, Marilyn Moffat.

The piriformis, above, is perhaps the hardest of the 12 stretches, but it could help with tightness in the hips. Other stretches include neck rotations, trunk rotations, and the familiar quad stretch. Some of these also have yoga equivalents, such as the back scratch (the cow-face pose):

Easy Stretches Almost Everyone Can Do To Stay Flexible

If any of these are difficult for you, you could use a prop, like a strap for the stretch above, but of course hold off if you feel pain.

I like that these cover most areas people experience tightness. They’re simple stretches, but that’s the beauty of them too.

Head to the link below to see all of the stretches and get your daily stretches in.

12 everyday stretches to stay flexible and fit at any age [Business Insider]

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