Drivemode Responds To Texts With Your Voice In Hangouts, Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp

Android: Previously mentioned hands-free driving app Drivemode has a lot of great features, but it just added a great one — the ability to respond to messages in almost any texting app with your voice. SMS is included, but so is Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail. Those are just some of the most popular messaging apps too. Fans of Google Inbox will find it's supported, as are LINE, Skype, Telegram and even Twitter. Plus, you don't have to just choose one — you can tell Drivemode to handle all of them for you when you're in the car. No matter where your message comes in, Drivemode has the ability to read it to you aloud, and respond for you without you taking your hands off the wheel for an instant. The video above shows you how seamless it really is, and how it all works.

Of course, if you're of the thought that any messages while you're driving are distractions, you can tell Drivemode to silence all of your messages and auto-respond to them with a notification that you're unavailable and you'll get back to them as soon as you can, or that you're driving and will respond when you get to your destination. As always, Drivemode is free and available now at Google Play. Hit the link below to check it out.

Drivemode (Free) [Google Play via Drivemode]


    SMS is included, but so is Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail.

    It is illegal to answer any of these messages while driving a car in NSW.

      It's not illegal to dictate with your voice to answer the text messages

        It's pretty black and white.

        While driving or riding you CANNOT use your mobile phone for anything else, including:
        Texting or audio texting

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