Don't Take On More Work From Clients When Your Plate Is Already Full

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When you're running a small business, it's tempting to take on every piece of work that comes your way. You're afraid to knock back work because you might lose a customer or end up making less money that month. But sometimes it's okay to say no, especially when you're already busy. Here's why.

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Over at small business blog Flying Solo, Emily Hawker wants to reassure business owners that it's perfectly reasonable to reject work when you've taken on too much already:

[I]f you're too busy to give this client the best of yourself, you’re probably better off saying no. You might miss out on the business, but if you can’t produce your best work, you might miss out on the next opportunity with them anyway.   And your work may not be the only thing affected by the stress of trying to fit it all in.

Often business owners, particularly startup founders, like to work themselves to the bone. But that kind of approach is unhealthy and could potentially jeopardise the survival of their businesses. Saying "no" to a customer when you're busy could lead to a better working relationship — and maybe even a better a better job from them — later down the track. It could also reduce your stress levels.

You can read more about circumstances when it's fine to knock back work requests over at Flying Solo.

[Via Flying Solo]


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