Don't Like Bash On Windows 10? Try The Fish Shell Instead

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was bringing the Bash Shell on Ubuntu Linux to Windows 10 through the upcoming Anniversary update. Officially, you can only run native Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 but there are ways to install a different command line shell, such as the friendly interactive shell (fish). Here are the details.

Image from Scott Hanselman's blog

fish is a Unix command line shell that is known to be more interactive and user-friendly than other shells. It also looks a lot prettier than Bash, but that's a matter of preference.

Programmer Scott Hanselman, who works for Microsoft, has been fiddling around with Ubuntu on Windows 10, which is now available on the latest preview build for Windows Insiders, and managed to get fish up and running on it.

It's a fairly straightforward process to install fish. What you need to do is add the fish repo (which can be found here) to apt-get. Then update apt-get and install the shell.

For all the details on how to install and customise fish on Ubuntu on Windows 10, head over to Scott Hanselman's blog.

[Via Scott Hanselman blog]


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