Developer Creates Petya Ransomware Remedy

Last week, we reported on the Petya ransomware which was able to encrypt entire hard drives rather than individual files. Due to a bug in the ransomware, an independent developer has made a decryptor to unencrypt hard drives that have fallen victim to Petya without paying the ransom. Here are the details.

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Usually it's hackers that exploit IT vulnerabilities to do their dirty work. This time around, the attackers have had the tables turned on them with a developer, who is only known by his Twitter handle @leostone, exploiting a bug in the Petya ransomware to thwart its extortion methods.

The decryptor, which does look suspicious given it's hosted on a rudimentary website and was released by an unidentifiable figure, actually works. Security vendor Kaspersky Lab had a research team verify this, but there are a few issues that users will face if they do want to use it.

For one, the website that the decryptor is hosted on is a bit up and down due to the amount of traffic that is hitting it (probably from eager victims of Petya). It also involves a somewhat complicated process of removing your affected hard drive, plugging it into another PC and extract some special data with a Base64 decoder before the website can generate a key to decode your encrypted files.

Thankfully, another developer has created a tool to make the process a little easier. You can find @leostone's Petya ransomware decryptor over at this his Petya Pay No Ransom website. You take a closer look at the decrpytor over at his GitHub page.

You can read more about the Petya ransomware decryptor over at the Kaspersky Lab blog

[Via Kaspersky Lab Blog]


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