Devote A Set Amount Of Hours To Your Business To Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Small business owners may not mind working all hours of the day but it could have an adverse effect on their family life, especially if they have young children. Committing a specific number of hours to their businesses and sticking with it can help.

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Over at SMB blog Flying Solo, Emma Heuston-Levack, a writerr and principal lawyer at online lawfirm LegalVision, talked about her experience in working of juggling work with raising her newborn child. It proved more difficult than she expected but has come away from the experience with some fresh insights:

"If I could only impart once piece of advice to you it would be this: It’s all about flow rather than flexibility.   Work out how many hours per week you need to devote to your business each week and aim for this goal this rather than focussing on defined working days or hours. This may vary from week to week depending on your family, personal and work commitments.

This approach has kept her sane and helped her maintain her dedication to her family.

You can read more about other methods Heuston-Levack use to keep a healthy work-life balance over at Flying Solo.

[Via Flying Solo]


    FYI, 'Number' and 'Amount' work the same way as 'Fewer' and 'Less'.

    If it is measured, then it is 'amount' or 'less'.
    If it is counted, then it is 'number' or 'fewer'.

    The title should read as one of the two:
    Devote A Set Number Of Hours...
    Devote A Set Amount Of Time ...

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