Briefly: Smartphone Glut, Macca's vs Guzman y Gomez, Cheap Juicer

We've Reached Peak Smartphone

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers, including: How Guzman y Gomez is taking on McDonald's in Australia, Aston Martin's Vulcan supercar tears up New Zealand, have we reached "peak" smartphone?

  • After years of exciting technological advancements and must-have flagship models, smartphones are in a ridiculously boring place. Gizmodo presents the evidence.
  • Yesterday, Valve's video game service injected a small amount of fresh case into some people's Steam wallets. Nobody had any idea why. Kotaku explains what's going on.
  • Mexican fast food franchise Guzman y Gomez is going after McDonald's — and it's using former McDonald's execs to do it. Business Insider investigates.
  • If you're a car nut, you'll want to watch this video of the Aston Martin Vulcan supercar tearing up Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand. It's pretty fast.
  • Bing Lee's eBay store is selling the Nutri Ninja Slim 700W juicer for $37.40 when you use the discount code "COOLING15". The deal also includes free shipping. [OzBargain]
  • Telstra just invested $10 million in the company that secretly runs the internet. Business Insider has the story.


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