Briefly: Data Leaks, Free 4G, Disappointing DOOM

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The Panama Papers have become the biggest data leak ever, Telstra gives away mammoth amounts of free data, DOOM may not be hitting the spot. Photo: Getty Images

  • The Panama Papers constitute the biggest data leak in history, comprising of 2.6TB of incriminating data. But what does it mean? Business Insider is here to run you through it.
  • If you're a Telstra customer you probably would have made use of the free data day yesterday, although the strain on the network meant that even 4G speeds were less than desirable. Gizmodo Australia has more.
  • The new DOOM doesn't quite hit the spot for some gamers who've been spending some time with it. Kotaku Australia is asking why.
  • Still feeling bloated after too much Easter chocolate? Popsugar's got your fix.


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