AWS Lambda Serverless Compute Offering Set To Be Released In Australia

AWS Lambda Serverless Compute Offering Set To Be Released In Australia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its Lambda service in the Asia-Pacific a while back but its was only available through the company’s datacentres in Japan. Today, the cloud platform provider announced it will be launching Lambda in Australia very soon. Here’s what we know so far.

Image: Half-Life Lambda symbol

Lambda is an offering that lets you run code without having to worry about managing or provisioning servers, making it easy to build cloud applications that are responsive to changes in other AWS services. You just need to create a Lambda function and give it permission to access specific AWS resources. Lambda is sold as a “zero-administration compute platform” so you don’t have to worry about scaling your code for high availability either.

To run Lambda, you’d want to do so in a low latency environment and while the offering was available in Asia-Pacific, the closest region Australian customers could access it was through the Tokyo, Japan Availability Zone. But since AWS recently launched the Sydney Availability Zone this earlier this year, it made sense to bring Lambda over as well.

AWS is also going to release its API Gateway, a managed service for developers to create, maintain and monitor their APIs, in Australia.

The exact launch date has not been revealed but AWS has confirmed Lambda and API Gateway will be coming to Australia in the coming months. We’ll find out more at the AWS Summit 2016 in Sydney tomorrow.


  • I presume the article meant to say “third Sydney Availability Zone”, as there’s been two for a while now.

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