Are You Cut Out For The Entrepreneur Life?

There are many people who want to quit their '9-to-5' jobs to become their own boss so they can set their own work hours and agenda. This kind of freedom is appealing and it motivates people to strike out on their own and become entrepreneurs. But if you think working for yourself will be easy, startup mentor Jon Westenberg is here to give you a reality check.

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In a blog post on <a href="http://Medium">Medium, Westenberg said the relaxing lifestyle propagated by startup founders who posting pictures on social media of themselves working on beaches is not something that can be achieved in a short period of time. He noted:

"In my experience, entrepreneurship is not like that. It’s not an easy, free lifestyle. It’s the furthest thing from being low pressure. And you do not give up having a total asshole for a boss. Just doesn’t happen. Because working for yourself is the hardest career you could ever choose."

Even if you do become successful and grow your business, you still need to devote years of hard and punishing work before you can be as carefree as those entrepreneurs who work with their laptops on a beach.

Westenberg added:

"And if you’re building a startup because you want a work-life balance and total freedom and hours of R&R time, I have some bad news. You’re not going to make it.

He talks about other hurdles new entrepreneurs will face on their quest to build up their businesses over at Medium.

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