Your Guide To A Tidier, More Productive Workspace [Infographic]

My work desk is in sore need of tidying up — which is putting things politely. The constant influx of parcels and letters coupled with an endlessly busy schedule means that clutter keeping piling up. Before I know it, I'm working beneath a to-scale model of the Tower Of Babel that I pretend I can't see...Until it topples over me. If this sounds sheepishly familiar, you need to follow some of the tips in this infographic, like me.

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The infographic below comes from the virtual workplace service provider Dublin Office Center. It breaks down various ways workers can boost productivity in their physical workspace with a few tweaks to their desk and the surrounding area. As the graphic points out, we spend a whopping 1920 hours tethered to our desks per year, so it definitely pays to optimise the environment without making it too sterile. It also provides tips for your desktop, posture and snacking habits.

[Via Dublin Office Center]


    It helps to keep the desktop clear if you set up groups for related icons. In Windows you right-click on the desktop - then left-click on New to create icons for such groups as Multimedia, Photo, Print etc. Then move the icons into those new group icons.

    Boost your immune system with lemon water?
    How does that work?
    Since soft drink is also slightly acidic, can it drink that instead?
    I heard Alcohol is used to sterilize surfaces.
    Maybe I can add some of that to kill bacteria?

    I'm off to boost my immune system with a large glass of Bacardi and Squash.

    Did anyone else read the title as "Your guide to tinder"?

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