Your Cheat Sheet To The (Fictional) Women Of DC Comics [Infographic]

Last week, Batman V Superman swooped into movie theatres around the globe to decidedly mixed reviews. While the titular pugilists have starred in more than 20 movies between them, it's the first time that Wonder Woman — AKA Diana Prince — has ever appeared on the silver screen. She'll soon be joined by other female superheroes and villains from the DC Comics pantheon, starting with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. If this is all Greek to you (ahem), the following cheat sheet will help you get acquainted with Wonder Woman and her super-powered peers.

Photo: Warner Bros.

According to the DC Comics Database, over 5000 female characters have been brought to life during the publisher's 80-year history. That's a lot of names to commit to memory. If you're just getting started in comics, this infographic from BingoFind provides a decent primer of 12 principle characters; both good and evil. It includes their aliases, super abilities and notable affiliates (which handily coincides with some of the comic book titles you can find them in.)

[Via BingoFind]


    Marvel's list would have been, what, 6-7 times longer? Maybe more.

      A proper DC list would also have been many times longer. This was useless.

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