Waze 4.0 Brings A New Interface, Smart Reminders And ETA Panel

Android: Waze, one of our favourite mapping apps, released a new version version for Android today. Waze 4.0 comes with a brand new interface and smart reminders based on your calendar events. The new design aims to get you driving in as few taps as possible, and keep the most important functions at your fingertips (which means more time watching the road). Waze also comes with a new ETA panel that shows you and organises alternate routes so you can check if another way is faster, options to add a stop along you current route and quick buttons to send your ETA to friends and family, not just ones using Waze. The update is rolling out now, so check it out.

Waze 4.0 Is Official And Coming "Soon" To Android [Android Police]


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