Wallpaper Wednesday For Mac Automatically Downloads Beautiful Images For Your Desktop

Wallpaper Wednesday for Mac Automatically Downloads Beautiful Images for Your Desktop

OS X: Inspired by our old Weekly Wallpaper series, reader Jason built this open source application that will automatically download the best photography of the day from Flickr, NASA and NatGeo to use (either by choice or at random) as your wallpaper. Wallpaper Wednesday lives in your menubar, and one click can switch or select a new wallpaper from the web. OS X already lets you rotate wallpaper, but this pulls from Flickr's best photos of the day, NASA's photo of the day, featured photos from the National Geographic Society and, as Jason notes, it could be easily modified for other things too:

The app could be expanded to allow other options - and includes some starter code to support NASA and other RSS feeds. Users can also set intervals for how often the app updates the wallpaper or decide to select a new wallpaper when they like.

Once installed, you can tell the app to load on startup, select a frequency to rotate your wallpapers, choose which of the three built-in sources you want to use or, once it's running, browse wallpapers from your selected source and choose the one you want to use. It's simple, clean and does just what it needs to do without extra bloat.

If you want to give it a try now, check it out at the link below.

Wallpaper Wednesday [Jason Michael Perry]


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