VLC For Android Beta Can Now Browse Your Files On Your Local Network

VLC for Android Beta Can Now Browse Your Files On Your Local Network

The VLC app for Android has allowed you to stream videos across your network for a while, but it always required a direct link to the file. Now, the latest beta allows you to browse your folders on shared devices.

The update allows users to browse files over UPnP, NFS, FTP, SFTP, SMB, Windows Shares and a few other protocols. The beta is now available to testers of the VLC Beta which you can join here. In addition to the file browsing, users can also choose to switch from the usual Android interface to the Android TV-style design.

VLC 2.0 Beta Adds Local Network Browsing And Lets You Use The Android TV Interface On Any Device [Android Police]


    After years of not using it, I used it in its very early days and it was bad. This may actually bring me round, as I often watch shows stored on my NAS on my tablet. Had been using Es file explorer but it's latest versions are now just full of ads.

      I moved from ES File Explorer to Solid Explorer. It's not free, but so good that after the four (?) week trial I didn't hesitate to pay the 2-3 bucks for the full version.

      Not sure if it has an internal video player, but it does connect to network sources.

        I used es with the tablets in built player. So should work with that one. Thanks I'll give it a go.

    VLC is great on Windows but is really lagging in the Android scene. Competitors like BS Player have been doing this for years.

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