Upgrade Your Biscuits By Treating Them Like This Classic Pasta Dish


Cacio e Pepe (meaning “cheese and pepper”) is perhaps the most elegantly delicious pasta dish ever created, but the tasty combination can be applied to more than noodles. In the same way that simply-prepared pasta provides an environment for the cheese and pepper to really shine, biscuits can help highlight these flavours.

Photo by Naotake Murayama.

If you think about it, more foods should just be cheese and pepper delivery systems. Both ingredients have so much going on, you don’t really need other, more distracting foods involved. To make Cacio e Pepe biscuits, simply add a cup of grated Pecorino Ramano cheese and two tablespoons of freshly grated pepper to your favourite biscuit recipe. If you don’t have a favourite biscuit recipe, check out the one linked below from Food 52, as it is excellent.

Give Biscuits the Cacio e Pepe Treatment [Food 52]


  • For this recipes, Biscuits = Scones (or a scone-like baked product). They look yummy though, and this recipe is a made from scratch one and doesn’t use premade American Biscuits that you get in a can and cannot buy here.

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