Turn Your Clock The Right Way On April 3 With This Simple Daylight Savings Rule

On April 3, Daylight Savings comes to an end in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. For some reason, the obligatory clock readjustment tends to flummox otherwise intelligent people. Do you move the clock forward or backwards?? If you suffer from this embarrassing annual brain fart, here's an old adage that will help you to permanently remember.

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The below saying is as old as the hills, but it would seem a lot of you have never encountered it judging by the number of people still confused by the process. It's a wordplay on seasons which happens to correlate with the direction you move your clock.

"You 'Spring' forward, then you 'Fall' back."

In other words, you move your clock forward one hour in Spring (when Daylight Savings starts) and move it back one hour in Autumn (when Daylight Savings ends.) Pretty foolproof, eh?

Okay, so we don't actually say "Fall" in Australia, but this is one occasion when we're willing to let an Americanism slip. If you're one of those people who can't remember which way the clock turns, commit the above saying to memory and you should be right as rain.

If you want to be anally punctual about it, the correct time to reset your clocks is 2am (3am Daylight Saving Time) on Sunday morning.


    Old meme, but necessary:

    UK - We call it Autumn, from the French word "autompne" and later, the Latin "autumnus".

      The US may have 'cooler' sounding names for things (MPG, inch, miles, fall, pounds (weight) etc) but the basis behind them suck.

      Where as ours don't sound as good (K[M]PL, centimeters, kilometers, kilograms, autumn) but they are not as arbitrary like the US ones are.

      What does autumnus mean?

        Autumnus is a latin word meaning ( loosely) the season of leaf fall.

      Fall is originally an English word - used by the Saxons. It was still in common use in England when the first pilgrims left for the new world.

    but you can fall backwards as well.

    Daylight saving. Singular.

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