Turn Trello Into A Recipe And Meal Planning App

Turn Trello into a Recipe and Meal Planning App

Trello is probably best known as a productivity app, but it can also organise every other aspect of your life. Add to the list: recipe management and meal planning. As Mark Bittman's public recipes board demonstrates, Trello is great for organising recipes visually. You can add photos, checklists, notes and other details to each recipe card and rearrange them as you please. Even better, the calendar view turns recipes you've assigned a due date into a meal plan for the week or month:

Turn Trello into a Recipe and Meal Planning App

Though it lacks features in dedicated meal planners, such as generating shopping lists, if you're already using Trello here's another board idea.

The Mark Bittman Trello Board: How to Cook Everything, And Organise Anything Together [Trello]


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