Transmission BitTorrent Client Finally Arrives On Windows

Transmission BitTorrent Client Finally Arrives On Windows

Windows: Transmission is one of our favourite BitTorrent clients that has unfortunately been limited to Mac and Linux users for a long time. Now, it’s finally available for Windows.

The developer quietly added a Windows release to the index of download files here (scroll to the bottom to find the .msi files for x64 and x86 versions of Windows). According to TorrentFreak, the developer plans to include the Windows version on the official download site after the next release. For now, you can try it out and most of the features you know and love from Transmission on OS X and Linux will be right where you left them.

Index of /files/ [Transmission via Torrent Freak]


  • What are those features that it has that others don’t?
    I have a super old version of uTorrent that works fine.

  • Article should point out that a port of the transmission builds called Transmission-QT ( has been out for nearly as long as transmission itself.
    For those asking it doesn’t have any extra features that uTorrent or others have. It’s this… simple and lightweight. Can run as a daemon, CLI, GUI or web interface. Works well with all the top automaters (couchpotato, sickrage, etc)

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