Sydney Startup Rapporr Is Pioneering Messaging For Non-Traditional Workplaces

With office favourite Slack cornering the market in workplace messaging, Rapporr has some big boots to fill — though they're planning to do so by appealing to a different type of workplace. Rapporr seeks to be flexible where Slack is more fixed, catering to teams who are on the go and can't always access emails — from storefronts to restaurants and even tradies spread out across multiple worksites.

The office messaging market is a hard one to take on these days thanks to Slack's overwhelming success, but Sydney startup Rapporr is approaching the concept from a different angle. "Rapporr is Slack operating in a far more contextual communication format," cofounder David Anstee told Startup Daily. Having been described as a combination between Slack and traditional email, Rapporr seeks to cut out all the unnecessary information from both these platforms, making it so that each user gets all the information they need — and only the information they need.

While it has the ability to create groups for easy messaging, you can also directly message individuals, teams, groups and even the whole company. Each conversation is also given a subject line with an intention to be addressed, to make sure that conversations don't go off track.

"Every conversation is completely unique; you don’t have a stream of past messages to go through when you go through Rapporr, it’s just whatever you need to know for that particular challenge in front of you, changing or filling shifts or stock check, whatever it is," Anstee said.

Aside from its baseline chat features, Rapporr also offers the ability to make polls and events that can easily be added to user's calendar, and even has an instant translate feature for teams working across the globe.

"80 percent of staff who work in Woolworths or Commonwealth Bank, for example, don’t have effective access to communications." Anstee explains. "They’re missing out on corporate email, and they’ve got limited communication, so they really have to go and navigate their ways through an intranet to get access to the information that they need now."

Rapporr works on a fee per user, per month basis, with the fee also changing depending on how many features a business decides to add to its description. It starts at just "a few dollars" per month, while small businesses with ten or less employees can even get their first three months free.

The Rapporr team were recently selected from the Elevate61 startup accelerator program to fast-track their product to the US market, with a 10 day trip to the States in May of this year.

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