Standing Is For Chumps: What To Look For In An Office Chair [Infographic]

Standing Is For Chumps: What To Look For In An Office Chair [Infographic]

We’re big fans of standing desks at Lifehacker. But not everyone agrees about their supposed health benefits. This infographic looks at various ways to improve posture and alleviate back pain while sitting in the office.

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The infographic below comes from Omnicore designer Salman Aslam. As Aslam explains in his accompanying blog post, sitting at work is now considered the new smoking, with numerous scientific studies suggesting that too much sitting can have serious health consequences.

But the reality is, for most people sitting is inevitable. The important thing is to ensure you are sitting correctly and using ergonomic equipment that won’t strain your neck of back. Aslam’s infographic breaks tried-and-proven down solutions for sitters: from perfecting the ideal seated position to the must-have features in an ergonomic chair.

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  • Been standing now for years, Couldn’t go back to sitting if I wanted to. I bought a few supposedly ergonomic chairs over the years and the problems with lower back and leg pain never stopped until I built my full height standing desk. Those chairs are expensive too and prone to break. Trust me, if you have a well set up desk and you give your body time to get used to standing, you’ll never look back.

  • Sitting and standing are just as bad as each other. floating is where its at.

    no, in all seriousness, they are as bad as each other unless you move regularly. the key is movement, getting a bit of blood flow happening. either or incorporated with that and you’ll be fine.
    also, stretching, for frig sake, stretch people. and drink lots of water. and voila, you’ll be fine.

  • damn that chick… only reason i clicked on this post !!!

    TIP: she needs to press the power button, how the hell did you notice her elbows ?

  • Nice infographic! Sitting too much definitely leads to pains and injuries!
    We need to pay attention to the sitting gesture and so some simple and scientific exercise regularly after sitting for 1 hours.
    Except that, we also need a proper ergonomic office chair! How do you think?

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