Project The Image Of A Big Company, Even When You're Small

If you're an SMB, or even just a one-man band, and you're looking to growing your business, you should give potential customers the impression that your company is bigger than it actually is. Here's why you should do this and some suggestions on how to get started.

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When you're running a business, perception matters. Elizabeth Campbell said on SMB blog Flying Solo that appearing bigger than you actually are as a business is a key way to drive growth by attracting new customers.

While she doesn't advocate outright lying about your company's size, there are a few subtle ways to appear as though you're running a bigger company:

  • Use "we" instead of "I" whenever you're referring to your business, even if you're the only employee.
  • Get a 1800 or 1300 number.
  • Start a post office box in the CBD and use it as your company's official mailing address.
  • If you are still in the habit of using business cards, get some fancy professional ones made.

You can read more about the impact of people's perception on your business and other ways to make your company appear bigger over at Flying Solo.

[Via Flying Solo]


    But why would you want to ?

    Small companies are often more personal, offer better service and better at actually getting things done. No one says "I wish you were more like Telstra", or "I wish you were more like Westpac" or "I wish you were more like Energex".

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