Placeboard For iPhone Saves All Your Favourite Locations In One Place

iOS: Keeping track of your favourite places in a city or of locations you want to check out is a bit of chore. Sure, you can save favourites in Google Maps, or bookmark places in Yelp, but neither of those work particularly well. Placeboard is an app made specifically to help you organise those places. Placeboard is basically just a bookmarking app for locations. Type in a place, and you can add it Placeboard. Then, you can add tags to organise things, search by city or just see what's around you at any given point. If you're the type of person friends come to for recommendations, you can also send out those lists to others via SMS or email. If you've been a fan of something like Google's My Maps but are flustered by the haphazard support for it on iOS, Placeboard's worth a look.

Placeboard ($7.99) [iTunes App Store]


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