Pick The Best Frequent Flier Program With This Massive Guide

Pick The Best Frequent Flier Program With This Massive Guide

If you’re not taking advantage of a travel rewards program, you’re missing out on free flights. There are so many programs out there, though, and they all work a little differently. This tool from AwardAce helps you pick the right frequent flier program for your own travel needs.

The tool breaks down the many, many frequent flier programs that exist, from Qantas’ Frequent Flyer to Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer. You get a brief summary from the main menu, and you can also filter by transfer partner or alliance. If you click on any one travel program, you’ll get even more details, including pros and cons, partner airlines and info on how miles are accrued.

AwardAce offers a few tools for optimising rewards travel, and this is their latest. If you’re new to travel rewards, you might also check out their beginner’s guide, which walks you through the whole process.

Check out their frequent flier tool at the link below.

Guide to Frequent Flyer Programs [AwardAce]


  • It’d be great if you verified any of this was applicable to Australia before you posted it.

    For example: Qantas Frequent Flyer. It says you can’t trade AMEX point for QFF points (you can), and that you can trade Citi points for QFF points (you can’t).

    In fact, from an Australian perspective, everything in that website is wrong. It’s entirely targeted towards Americans, based on the program rules in America, and really has nothing to do with us. If you want the best rewards programs here, ignore this article – check out the Canstar ratings for an Australian view.

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