Perfectly Light Your Video Chats With This DIY LED Laptop Frame


Video: The glow from a laptop screen doesn’t look flattering on anyone’s face, especially if you’re having a video chat in a dark room. This bright LED frame you can build for cheap will make sure you’re always lit to look your best no matter where you are.

This build, from Instructables user Kriss (FastEasySmartTOOL), uses plywood for the frame itself, and an LED strip to provide the lighting. You’ll need to measure the size of your laptop lid (not just the screen) for the plywood frame as shown in the build guide, glue the LED strips onto the frame, then solder the strips together. Once you have it all put together, you can hang the frame on the lid and have plenty lighting for all your video chats. The only downside is that you’ll need a separate outlet to power the light frame. You can find the complete build guide at the link below.

LED Video Chat Light [Instructables]


  • I am astonished at how many unnecessary tools this guy used to make what is essentially a paddlepop stick frame.

    A router table? Seriously?!

    Just glue two different lengths of balsa together and laminate the half lap in. No router or circular saw required, just a knife.

    What an absurd build for such an ugly result.

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