Office 365 Video Update Brings YouTube-Like Experience To Company Clips

When you're trying to get a message across a large group of people in a company, a video can be more effective than a lengthy email. Microsoft has updated its Office 365 Video service that makes it easier for workers to upload and monitor their own clips along with additional capabilities for administrators.

With the latest update to Office 365 Video, Microsoft has introduced a quick access upload button, the ability to add closed captions and custom thumbnails to clips uploaded to an organisations intranet. These features will be familiar to people who have used consumer video sharing service, YouTube.

There are now tools for users to keep tabs on views and engagement for their clips as well. As for administrators, Microsoft has added a function in which they can help end-users recover deleted videos.

Office Video 365 is available to companies using SharePoint Online and/or SharePoint Server on-premises.

You can watch the video above for a detailed run-through of new features.

[Via Windows Office Blogs]


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