Netflix Is Testing A New Data Saver Feature For Its Mobile Apps

Netflix Is Testing a New Data Saver Feature for Its Mobile Apps

Netflix recently announced that it plans on adding in a new data saver to its mobile apps that will use less data when you're on mobile, and it looks like that feature's rolling out for some users. The feature was recently spotted by Android Police, but it looks like people have been intermittently running into it for the last couple of months. As the name suggests, the data saver option is all about cutting data usage by lowering the quality of a video stream, so you don't have to cut deep into your mobile data plan just to watch a movie.

As these guinea pig beta testing things tend to go, there's no apparent rhyme or reason to who's getting the feature, who's not and how long it will last if you do have it. Speaking with TechCrunch, Netflix states that there's no release date for the official update. Either way, it sounds like the data saver feature is on its way soon, and you might just see it randomly pop up as an option on your Netflix app.

Netflix Gets a Beta Channel With Mobile Data Saver and Google Play Billing [Android Police] Netflix pulls its Android Beta Program, says it was not meant for consumers to join [TechCrunch]


    Anyone out there actually watch Netflix on their mobile data?

      I did last week, watched an episode of Daredevil on my phone while on the train.

      Yep, all the time. I've got 25GB data so why not!

      Keen on this new saver feature though, will make it a no brainer.

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