Microsoft Introduces ‘Virtual Endless’ Storage Option For Azure SQL Server Database

Microsoft Introduces ‘Virtual Endless’ Storage Option For Azure SQL Server Database

Microsoft has brought in offerings to its public cloud platform Azure to support hybrid cloud deployments. One of these offerings feature SQL Stretch Database, which allows customers to dynamically stretch on-premise data to Azure which, according to Microsoft, makes for “virtually endless compute capacity and storage”. Here are the details.

Image: Microsoft Azure launch

The SQL Server 2016 with SQL Server Stretch Database service has been released in preview so customers can try them out now. Customers can use Server Stretch Database to extend their storage capacity into the public cloud when they run out of resources in their on-premise environment.

Microsoft is touting this as a “virtually endless” storage feature. However, the keyword here is “virtually”. In reality, there is a 60 terabyte per database limit (at least for now) but not many organisations will exceed that.

Another feature that SQL Server 2016 is bringing in is Transactional Replication to Azure SQL Database that lets move data to the cloud without downtime to an on-premise database.

You can read more about this, along with details on Microsoft’s other new hybrid cloud offering, at the Microsoft Azure Blog.

[Via Microsoft Azure Blog]


  • After what they did to Onecloud Unlimited… anything that associates the words Microsoft and “virtually endless” has to be avoided.

    Even if it’s paid service.

    They have proven they will change their terms on a whim, to the detriment of customers.

  • Nice in theory, but for a number of highly transactional DB’s, you’d need a pretty fast pipe to avoid latency.

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