Make A Simple Wire Stripper Out Of A Clothes Peg And A Pencil Sharpener

If you need to a little electrical work, but you don't have a wire stripper handy, you can make one with a few things lying around the house. In this video from the MAD Science Hacks YouTube channel, you'll learn how to make a wire stripper in about five minutes. Find an old pencil sharpener and remove one of the blades. Then attach the blade to one side of the clothes peg (on the end that opens up when you squeeze the spring). You want the blade in place so when the clothes peg is closed, the edge of the blade barely overlaps the small groove in the wood. Once it's attached as demonstrated in the video, you should be able to clamp the clothes peg on the end of a wire, spin it around a few times and strip the wire with a quick pull.

How to make a clothes pin / peg wire stripper [YouTube]


    Or you know just use pliers. The tool you're using to cut the wire in the first place.
    You've replaced needing one tool. With needing a peg, a screw, a screw driver, destroying a pencil sharpener. And you still need something to cut the wires. Which is the same tool you can strip them with.
    Life hacks are meant to make life easier. So over these Bulls hit ones that are harder more time consuming and often more expensive than doing it properly in the first place.

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      Even easier, use your teeth. :)

        Tis what I did as a youngster and explains the current state of my teeth... But hey, it worked.

        Last edited 23/03/16 5:08 pm

      If only someone would finally build some blades into a pair of pliers so that you could strip with them as well..... ohwait

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