Make A Pair Of Hardwood Cocktail Muddlers From A Rolling Pin For Cheap

Make a Pair of Hardwood Cocktail Muddlers from a Rolling Pin for Cheap

A nice hardwood muddler can set you back nearly $50, but these great looking muddlers only cost about $10 each and five minutes of work.

Photo by Jeff Wilcox.

Sure, you could grab a cheap plastic muddler for a few bucks, but why not go with a fancier, more effective muddler for the same price? On his blog, Jeffrey Morganthaler explains a clever way to get some really nice cocktail muddlers for cheap.

He bought a 25cm French rolling pin with tapered ends and sawed it in half. Once you smooth each end with some sandpaper, you'll have a really nice pair of muddlers. Now you have an extra one, or a nice gift for a cocktail-loving friend. You can find out more at the link below.

Build a Better Muddler [Jeffrey Morganthaler via Make]


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