Lifehacker Australia Podcast: Online Scams And Going Off-Grid

It's time for Episode 5! On this week's Static Podcast we chat about online scams, the resurgence of tabletop games, the pros and cons of going off-grid plus we explore: are video games really good for you?

We also answer your question: is Googling everything a risk to your online security?

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Lifehacker Australia's Chris Jager, Gizmodo Australia's Hayley Williams and Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    How to check if the callers are scammers (use it on obvious scammers)

    You: "Where are you calling from?"

    Caller: [insert your state]

    You: "OK, I am going to ask you one more question. I will give you 5 seconds to answer. If you answer incorrectly or take longer than 5 seconds, I am going to hang up. Are you ready?"

    Caller: "OK"

    You: "What time is it?"

    Caller: "Ummm...ehh... ummm..."

    Then laugh as they get it wrong. Personally I like making a buzzer sound and laughing when they guess incorrectly.

    Last edited 04/03/16 2:13 pm

      Umm, umm can I call a friend?
      Micky's big hand is on the .......

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