Instagram Begins Experimenting With A Non-Chronological Timeline

Instagram Begins Experimenting With A Non-Chronological Timeline

Instagram, like Twitter before it, is starting to learn that there’s no money in letting your best posts disappear to the ravages of time. The service is now experimenting with an algorithmic instead of chronological timeline. The Facebook-owned company announced yesterday that it would be experimenting with a new model that surfaces the posts that Instagram thinks you’re most interested in first. For the time being, it’s unclear if this would be on top of the normal reverse-chronological feed, or if it will replace it entirely.

Instagram says that this experience will be rolling out “in the coming months”. This may mean that not everyone will see it, or that it will be tweaked before the full release. In the meantime, I finally get the most apt reason yet to use that Chrono Trigger time warp background in the picture above.

See the Moments You Care About First [Instagram]


  • If they implement this the same way they implemented Facebook feed algorithm it will be crap. It’s one of the main reasons I hardly use FB anymore – instead of being able to keep up with my friends’ activities, I was only being shown what FB thought I wanted to see (i.e. the most liked posts). It makes people post stuff they know will get likes rather than just posting what they used to.

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