How (And When) To Watch Wednesday’s Total Solar Eclipse In Australia

How (And When) To Watch Wednesday’s Total Solar Eclipse In Australia

On the morning of March 9, the Moon will pass between Earth and the Sun, causing a total solar eclipse like it’s the End Times. Here’s how to see this striking cosmic event in Australia.

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Watch Today’s Total Eclipse Live Here

To view the March 9 Total Solar Eclipse in person, you'll need to be in the northern half of Australia. (Sorry southern star gazers!) Indonesia and the central Pacific region are going to get the best views, but people in Darwin, Alice Springs and surrounding regions will still catch a partial glimpse of the action.

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The total solar eclipse will begin at 9:29AM local time in Alice Springs tomorrow. It will peak at approximately 10:17AM, resulting in 11 per cent coverage of the Sun and a noticeable drop in solar brightness. It will all be over by 11:06AM.

For people in Darwin, the show kicks off 9:07AM local time and peaks at 10:17AM. This will result in a 50 per cent brightness drop that's sure to look astonishing. Normal reception will resume around 11:34AM. In Broome, Cairns and Rockhampton the eclipse will begin at 7.32am, 10.12am and 10.55am respectively.

Here are all the important times for each region:

City Eclipse Start Mid Eclipse Eclipse End % Sun Covered
Alice Springs (ACST) 9.29AM 10.16AM 11.06AM 11%
Broome (AWST) 7.32AM 8.32AM 9.37AM 37%
Cairns (AEST) 10:12AM 11:12AM 12:15pm 18%
Darwin (ACST) 9.07AM 10.17AM 11.34AM 50%
Rockhampton (AEST) 10.55AM 11.17AM 11.38AM 0.6%
Perth (AWST) 8.06AM 8:26AM 8.47AM 1%

Remember, gazing directly into a solar eclipse is a good way to screw up your eyesight -- for tips on how to safely watch this week's solar eclipse, check out our in-depth guide. You can discover more information about the March 9 Solar Eclipse in the video below.