GoDaddy Targets Low-End Of Town With New Public Cloud Service

GoDaddy Targets Low-End Of Town With New Public Cloud Service

Web hosting and domain registration company GoDaddy has launched its very own AWS-esque public cloud services aimed squarely at small businesses, which make up a majority of its customer base. Here’s what you need to know.

The company, previously known for its racy ads and a founder with a penchant for hunting endangered animals, has been reinventing its image in recent years. GoDaddy became a public company in April 2015 and is now looking to cash in on the phenomenal growth of cloud computing.

With a focus on open source software, GoDaddy is offering up cloud servers, built on OpenStack, and Bitnami-powered cloud applications aimed at “individual developers, tech entrepreneurs and IT professionals to quickly build, test and scale cloud solutions”. The services work off a pay-as-you-go model and the cloud servers are integrated with GoDaddy’s domain and web hosting offerings.

“We’re looking to make it easy for developers to serve small businesses with the technology they want,” said GoDaddy general manager for hosting and security Jeff King said in a statement. “By offering a powerful, yet simple cloud offering that integrates domains, DNS, security and backups all in one place, developers can save time and exceed their clients’ expectations.”

At the moment, GoDaddy Cloud Servers are hosted in US datacentres only. The cloud services support Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 6 and 7; Fedora 23, Debian 8, FreeBSD, CoreOS, and Arch Linux distributions.

You can find out more about GoDaddy cloud services and pricing on its official website.