Five Tips To Optimise Your Yahoo Mail

We’ve written a lot about how to make the most of Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook services but it’s time to shine a light on one of the lesser known email providers: Yahoo Mail. While its popularity lags behind its competitors, there are still millions of people who have a Yahoo Mail account. You may be one of them. Here are some tips on how to optimise your Yahoo Mail account.

#1 Clear The Backlog

The latest update to Yahoo Mail added the ability for users to long press to select more than one message. You can tap and hold on an email to enable multiselect mode. From there you can then tap on additional messages to bin or archive them in one fell swoop.

This will clear out the initial backlog, help you start with a clean slate and makes dealing with anything that remains less overwhelming.

#2 Reduce The Clutter

From wayward newsletters that you don’t even remember subscribing to endless social medial email notifications, your email account can fill up with junk pretty quickly.

The first step is to unsubscribe from newsletters and disable unnecessary notifications. Yahoo Mail has a feature that lets you easily unsubscribe from multiple email lists. Alternatively, there’s an app available called Unsubscriber that you can use to get rid of pesky newsletters and notifications easily.

#3 Avoid Unwanted Emails

If you’re still receiving unwanted mail, you can get rid of emails from a specific sender with Yahoo Mail’s block feature. Block is located in the More drop-down menu that’s available from the inbox or when you have an email open. You also have the option to block future emails from the selected sender or automatically delete all existing emails from a sender.

#4 Find And File

Our inboxes often end up like the knick-knack drawer at home – full of notes we think we will get to later, or need to keep ‘just in case’.

Yahoo Mail’s search feature can help you find all of your photos, documents and more with one keyword. Try a search for “photos” or “jpg” to display all images at once. Similarly, if you’re looking for a document, simply do a search for “documents” to find the one you’re after. This will make it easier to find everything, and move all of your “non-email” related clutter to a more appropriate place.

#5 Keep it together

Most people have more than one email account. With a new feature on Yahoo Mail, you can keep all of your accounts in one place, making it even easier to keep it organised. The new Yahoo Mail app (and desktop interface) allows you to manage all of your inboxes, including, Hotmail, Gmail and, of course, Yahoo, so you can gain control of your inboxes for good.

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