Drive Over Potholes Straight On If You Can't Avoid Them

Drive Over Potholes Straight On If You Can't Avoid Them

Potholes are in roads all over the place and not only are they annoying, they can damage your car if you aren't careful. Photo by DDohler.

If you're driving on a road you know is a little worse for wear, keep your speed down and watch for potholes in the road so you can avoid them. No matter how hard you try, however, impact with a pothole is inevitable. In that case, Gene Peterson at Consumer Reports suggests you slow down as much as you can (safely), then drive straight through the pothole. If you hit it at a weird angle, or turn into the pothole as you go through it, you could damage the sidewall of your tyres. Tyres damaged that way can blow out and create a much more serious situation. Plus, swerving out of the way at the last second can be super dangerous. If you hit the pothole straight on and something feels off with the way your car drives, get it checked out as soon as possible. It's also a good idea to always keep your tyre pressure at the recommended levels.

Beware the Dangerous Potholes Winter Has Left Behind [Consumer Reports]


    As opposed to... switching to levitate mode? Flying?

    Who the hell drives sideways through a pot hole, or yanks the steering wheel while driving over it?

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