Demonstrate User Empathy When Interviewing For A Developer Role

Collaboration software vendor Asana recently released a cheat sheet on how to interview for a software developer/engineer job at the company, going through the entire process and what it looks for in new recruits. One of the qualities that was listed was user empathy. Here's why.

According to Asana:

We don’t expect you to be a product designer, but knowing how your engineering decisions will affect users is important to us. Will certain trade-offs you make create confusion or pain-points for the user? How might it constrain their abilities, or force them to deal with complexity?

Asana isn't unique in wanting its software engineers to have user empathy. Being able to show that you are able to relate to end-users will contribute to your abilities to build better software that people actually want to use.

If you're interviewing for a software developer or engineer role, it'd be a good idea to show that you can think like an end-user and provide examples of when you demonstrated this attribute in a professional situation.

[Via Asana Blog]


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