Cisco Changes Its DNA

Cisco Changes Its DNA

Cisco is well known as a network hardware company. But we often forget that they are also a software company with a network operating system, IOS. Cisco is now taking that software out of its embedded place in hardware and moving it into another devices.

Cisco image from Shutterstock

Cisco DNA, or Digital Network Architecture, is designed to add different functions to exisiting equipment. For example, it becomes possible to add firewall capabilities to a switch rather than deploying another physical device.

DNA is built on five pillars:

  • Virtualise everything
  • Designed for automation
  • Pervasive analytics
  • Service management delivered from the cloud
  • Open, extensible and programmable at every layer

For network architects and admins, this obviously adds a lot of flexibility and benefits. Clearly, this offers lots of agility.

DNA will be released progressively with three components available now. These are APIC-EM for automation of software-defined networks, including the ability to deploy switches and other equipment at other locations without pre-configuration, Enterprise NFV for rapid deployment of network services, and CMX Cloud – a cloud implementation of Cisco’s CMX presence analytics software.

A Quality of Service app will be available later this month as well.